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Flying Lanterns

Sky Lanterns

The Thai Tales

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Fish Dish
Flying Lanterns
Tom Yam Kung
Food Spread
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Northen style lanterns
Red Lantern
Lantern Festival

Preparing to launch

We are delighted to announce that Sky Lantern, with The Thai Tales concept, will be opening at The heights food hall in June 2023. Nestled among the vibrant culinary offerings, our restaurant aims to bring a unique and imaginative dining experience to this lively destination.

Welcome to 
Sky Lanterns

About us

Welcome to Sky Lantern, where the enchanting tales of Thai cuisine come alive with a creative and playful twist. Immerse yourself in a world where food becomes the storyteller taking you on culinary journey through the captivating flavors of Thailand.


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Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday: 11am - 11pm


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